Outcast.ie is an online hub for queer rebels. Expect recaps, review, and ruminations about whatever pops into our heads.

Your humble editor started this site at the tail-end of 2017 so it’s very ragtag at the minute. The intention is to fill ‘er up with content – otherwise I’ve dropped €60 on a WordPress theme for no good reason. Between you and I, dear reader, and I may have underestimated the work involved in setting this up.

Why Outcast? All the good URLs were taken.

About the Editor

I’m chronically anonymous because this site isn’t (and shouldn’t) be about me. I’m a fangirl with a long history of queer fanfiction. My OTPs include Naomily, Hollstein, and WayHaught because queer-girl TV is currently the best it’s ever been.

I’m from Dublin and am a digital marketer by trade. You’ll find me perusing the internet or doting on my fat. He’s actually starting to get a little chubby because I keep feeding him human food.

But that’s enough about me. I’ll see you in the trenches.

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