All together now: “Talking, laughing, loving, breathing. Fighting, fucking, crying, drinking. Writing, winning, losing, cheating. Kissing, thinking, dreaming.”

Iconic; a great life tbh; and the lyrics to the opening tune of Betty, The L Word‘s theme song. It was terrible, but in a good way.

Indeed, expect to hear a lot more about The L Word as a revamp is in the works, from Showtime. We hope that, if nothing else, it retains its queer spirit because there’s been nothing like it since – even if you consider OITNB to be its spiritual successor.

In the spirit of boredom, we’ve decided to recast The L Word via a modern lens and with actors who we feel would embody who the characters were.

1. No one; let her stay dead – Jenny

jenny schecter

Self-explanatory. Early Jenny was adequate but my God, she was annoying in the last few seasons.

2. Troian Bellisario – Bette

troian bellisario jenifer beals

Troian Bellisario is Jennifer Beals reincarnate. If you’d like something to cry at, check out Bellisario and Beals’ work in YouTube periodical, WIGS.

For our money, Bellisario was criminally under-rated on PLL and she, hopefully, has an extraordinary career ahead of her.

3. Sara Ramirez – Tina

sara ramirez l word remake

The truth? We struggled with Tina. She was a non-entity on the show. She was there and sometimes she did things and sometimes she was important to the plot.

Our reason for this casting is unequivocal, if largely flawed: cast Sara Ramirez in more gay things, pls.

4. Ellen Page – Alice

ellen page l word remake

We think Page could perfectly embody Alice’s mix of neurosis, charm, and humour. We can already see her frantically updating her Tumblr document of who has slept with who.

5. Roberta Colindrez – Shane

shane the l word

Yes? Yes. Cool.

6. Dominique Provost-Chalkley – Dana

dana fairbanks dominique provost chalklet

Dana was effervescent, with warmth and wit and an innocent guile that’d be perfect for one Waverley Earp.

7. Laverne Cox – Kit

laverne cox the l word remake

It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

8. Samira Wiley – Carmen

samira wiley the l word remake

Tbh, we’d happily let Sarah Shahi reprise her role as Carmen. She’s still got the moves and the gay lady cred, having played Shaw in the recently-defunct Person of Interest.

Failing that, we’d like to see Samira Wiley take on one of the most beloved queer characters in TV history.


9. Elliot Fletcher – Max

elliot fletcher

How about we cast trans actors as trans characters? There’s a thought. Elliot Fletcher is probably the most prominent trans actor on screen right now and while we’d happily vouch for him to play a cis male, we’ll take him as Max if he’s into it.

Just minus the awful actual plot that Ilene Chaiken and Co. hoisted on the original.

Queer media has come on dramatically since The L Word made its mark, so we’re wildly curious to see how the remake/reboot/sequel does.


Let us know who think should be in the reboot in the comments below!

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