Happy New Year, friends, Romans, conquerors. It’s time to pretend we’re going to be the best version of ourselves. For your humble editor, that means a return to cycling, finishing the novel I’m working on, and actively being less terrible at adulting.

Such is life.

But onwards to the day that is in the world of gay!

The good

  • Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne are probably dating. The rumour has been swirling for a while now and Delevingne did little to refute it, going so far as to post two suspect pics to her Instagram Stories. At Outcast, we don’t know if they are gal pals or gal pals™ but it seems likely.

Whatever is or isn’t happening, here are screenshots of the ‘grams, which were uploaded sequentially. Make of that what you will.

paris jackson cara delevingne dating

  • In Scotland, LGBT youth took centre stage in Nicola Sturgeon’s New Year message. From Pink Saltire:

“Nicola Sturgeon has chosen LGBT Youth Scotland as the platform to deliver her New Year’s message for 2018, focussing on the upcoming Year of Young People (YoYP).

The First Minister was joined by YoYP Ambassadors as she talked of Scotland’s ambition for every child to be their best, saying:

“We’ll be celebrating young people, and the incredible contribution that they make to Scotland, in events the length and breadth of the country – from Shetland right down to the Scottish Borders.”

“Young people have been at the heart of planning the year which – as well as being a great celebration in its own right – also symbolises our desire to make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up. In 2018 we will also take steps to strengthen young people’s rights and ensure that they have an even louder voice in decisions about their own lives.”

And there was more good news as it was announced that LGBT Youth Scotland are to receive £75,000 from the Scottish Government as part of investment in work for young people in 2018. Nearly 120 third sector organisation are set to share the £14 million funding, including organisations such as Scouts Scotland, Save the Children and Barnardo’s.”

Wonderful stuff all round.

  • VP to the orange fart, Mike Pence, was in for a chilly reception on his ski holiday in Aspen when his cheeky neighbours hung a “make America gay again” sign.
  • In the best thing we’ve seen today, there’s trouble in the Vatican where a “homoerotic” crib has been criticised because one of the figures is toned, semi-naked, and pretty queer looking if we’re honest. This is the nativity scene in question:

homoerotic crib


The bad

  • Malaysia is reportedly planning on introducing (voluntary) conversion therapy for trans women. Putting it politely, Malaysia can fuck right off. The move has been slammed by trans rights activists.

The ugly


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