The idea that you can “dress gay” is pretty fucking antiquated, if we’re honest. Clothes aren’t gay.

However, your clothes can say a lot about you if you want them to – especially if you’ve always presented a certain way. The leap to a new style or look or whatever is scary, especially if it can lead you to be read as something. (Then people will know, you know – and when you’re first out that can be terrifying.)

Today we’re looking at three different styles for three different types of gay lady. Get your gay basics (gaysics?) right, yeah?

1. How to dress “femme”

how to dress femme style

Once you come out, people will put you into buckets. A former tomboy becomes butch. A feminine lesbian becomes a grand mystery to the straights who’ll have lots of questions. (And really the answer is simple: why only date men when women exist?)

We’ve had conversations with femme queer friends and many of them say the same thing: they almost have to prove their queerness, especially with the opposite sex who just won’t believe they are queer.

Most people don’t get dressed to tick a box. They do it to represent themselves. And that, really, is what matters. As such, we’ve pulled together two femme-y outfits for your style inspo.

Outfit 1:

Black shoes // Daisy Lowe black jacket // Dress option #1 // Dress option #2

Lace dress plus black jacket plus a pair of boots to go with your jacket and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Outfit 2:

Black backpack // Black converse // Dungarees // Stripey top 
A stripey top, dungarees, and a comfy pair of Cons are the perfect accompaniment for just about whatever you have planned for your day. Plus, it’s super cute.

2. How to dress dapper af

The above images are from @radtasticly_cam, a fitness blogger who will become your style crush.

Being dapper is a lifestyle with bowties, shirts, polos, and fitted pants becoming a staple. If you’re new to being dapper, go for a fitting and get your measurements. The secret to style is a proper fit and good tailoring, so make the investment – it’ll totally be worth it!

Outfit 1:

Tan shoes, ASOS // Polo tee, Boohoo //  Roll-up jeans // Burgundy cap, Forever21

Class up a polo shirt with fitted jeans, brogues, and a hat if you’re feeling extra.

Outfit 2:

Dark brogues // Bowtie, JCPenneys // Skinny trousers // Linen shirt, H&M

For the dapper lady who has things to do and women to sweep off their feet. ?

3. How to dress chill but pretty gay, tbh

soft butch fashion outfit style

Essentially, these looks are for when you want to stare the patriarchy dead in the face and broadcast, “I could steal your girl and look way cooler than you while doing it.”

Because of course. ?

Outfit 1:

Adidas trainers, New Look // Jeans, New Look // Turtleneck // Woolly camel coat, Kensie

It’s easy and you can dress it up or down depending on your mood. To harden it up, swap the coat for a blazer and the trainers for brogues and et voila!

Outfit 2:

Converse // Ripped black jeans, Topshop // Flannel shirt // Nike cap

Does anything say “everyday queer” quite so readily as a plaid shirt and ripped skinnies? We think not. For extra gay points, throw on a cap or snapback.

Whatever your style, you do you. Be comfortable. Wear what you want. Look awesome or dapper or ridiculous or whatever vibe that suits.

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