If a picture is worth one thousands words, then surely a lesbian meme must be worth 10,000. Such is the way of the internet.

You’re looking for lesbian memes and LGBT memes and we’ve got them by the bucketload, for every variant of a #mood you may be in.

Lesbian memes for the lols

For when you want to be wholesome af

wholesome gay meme

Because coming out of the closet should be full of joy and gay tears. Coming out is a process – and it’s one you’ll have to do over and over again. Do it when you’re ready and no sooner, pal.

If you are actively out: welcome to happiness, friend!

trans acceptance meme

Robin, my new fave gay bby, spreading the good word.

TERFs can literally go fuck themselves. The end.

funny lgbt memes

We’re legal tender in multiple countries now, friends. Let us dismantle capitalism and begin building our home socialist utopia.

lgbt memes

Fuck, yes you are.

For when sexuality is a spectrum

hozier lesbian meme

Called Hozier or Harry Styles.

Lbr, it’s the luscious hair, gorgeous attitudes and that, in just the right lighting after a drink too many, either (or both) of them look an awful lot like your type.

bisexual meme

And if you had a unicorn phase, couples looking to spice up their relationship are now flocking to your Instagram. Fair thee well, unicorn.

For when it’s time to ascend

how to become gay meme

Tis true: this is how we all catch the gay.

lgbt memes 2

Teenage acquiescence never felt so good. 😎

For when it’s time to deconstruct the binary

gay meme

Where’s the lie? dead lesbian charactersNo but seriously, I’m still sad for Lexa and Poussey. My babies, gone but never forgotten.

pansexuality explained

I have never deep-throated a pan. It’s a bit too sauce-y for me. Fry as I might.

For when you can’t even cannot

patriarchy meme

Male. Female. Dinosaur? Who knows. But thank God for gender reveal parties, because otherwise HOW WOULD WE KNOW?

lesbian memec3

Like, it’s really not that complicated.

Is it?

straight people sex memes

Story of our adolescence, tbqh.

For when you just want to lol

gay tv memeIf you haven’t watched every slightly queer TV show ever, are you even a queer?

stare into the abyss meme

Tinder at family functions – this is how you figure out if you’re the sole gay cousin or if there are others in your midst. Statistically, there’s probably more than one. lesbian meme 2

Or how about a husbutch to read you feminist poetry? We suggest you start with Audre Lord and move towards Natalie Wee. And Emily Dickinson, just because.

History may not say she was officially a gay, but have you ever read her letters to Susan Gilbert, her brother’s wife?

In 1852, Emily sent the following to Susan, via the romance of letter-writing:

Come with me this morning to the church within our hearts, where the bells are always ringing, and the preacher whose name is Love — shall intercede for us!

That’s some gay shit.

lesbian meme


For when it’s the good kind of violent

meme violent

Murder me, but please: make it beautiful.

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