It’s a good time to be a gay (caveat: with privilege in the western world). Gay lady characters are actually allowed to be onscreen without being viciously axe murdered.

More young people than ever are identifying as ‘not straight’ (take that, the Straight Agenda) and the gay experience™ is becoming the norm.

A rake of celebrities are out. Kristen Stewart is slowly but surely making her way around every eligible lady in showbiz.

What a time to be alive.

Really, we ask little from this world but for a gentle acceptance of our being.


With increased visibility across the media at large, we thought it was time to take a look at notable LGBT lady* YouTubers who are lighting up our small screens.

This list is no particular order.

Queer lady YouTubers worth following (on the internet; not in person – that would be weird)

Dodie / doddleoddle

Pair a messy monochrome aesthetic with gorgeous sad-happy songs and you’ve got one Dodie Clark, a musician and YouTuber from London.

Having spent much of her formative years growing up on YouTube, Dodie has matured into a talented musician with shows around the world. Some of her greatest hits include Human, She (a forlorn song of melancholy about unrequited love and a girl who doesn’t know you exist), and Monster, an upbeat pop bop.

Watch for: whimsy and gorgeous whisper-singing.

Ally Hills

Ally Hills is the cool-girl YouTuber we all wish we could be. Somehow both wildly unobtainable and completely relatable, Ally is funny and charming and with just a hint of swagger. Gifted with a whip-sharp sense of humour and musical talent in spades, Ally’s channel covers everything from original music to vlogs and hang-out sessions with a child.

It’s funnier than it sounds.


Watch for: cool-girl charm and solid laughs.

Stevie Boebi / Stevie

A touch bolder than many of the other entrants on this list, Stevie’s channel deals with advice and sex.

Listen, if you’re looking for honest advice on all things sex, Stevie is your woman. For something a little more PG13, you can check out her vlog channel too.

Watch for: no-bullshit sex advice.

Rose and Rosie

Watch a Rose and Rosie video and hilarity will ensue. OG LGBT YouTubers, they’ve been on the channel for upwards of eight years.

Originally a showcase for Rose, Rosie was added to the mix early into the pair’s relationship and they’ve gone from strength to strength since, sharing everything from their ups-and-downs to their proposal and eventual wedding.

It’s heart-warming; it’s hilarious; and it’s occasionally TMI.

Honestly, if these two don’t make you believe in true love, nothing will.

Watch for: absolute banter and v hap feels.

Alexis G. Zall

Part vlog ridiculousness and part humour wins, Alexis G. Zall is a completely odd tiny American YouTuber and actress with a reputable list of credits to her name.

She’s self-aware and achingly funny with a charisma that will take her far. Though her updates are sporadic, they’re worth waiting for.

Watch for: Massive comedic chops. Expect a casting coup for Alexis down the line.

Hannah Hart / MyHarto

You know who she is already, lbr.

Watch for: Drunk kitchening, feel good vibes and solid older-sister life advice.

Ingrid Nilsen

Originally a beauty vlogger, Ingrid grabbed headlines when she came out, with an onslaught of reaction because she’s femme presenting.

Which is horseshit, but besides the point.

Ingrid is most well-known for her beauty tutorials and increasingly-feminist content that questions society’s perception of beauty.

Watch for: Beauty tips, lifestyle content, and fucking adorable vlogs.

Amy Ordman

Amy Ordman (not to be confused with any of Alexis G. Zall or Ava Palazzolo) is an Aussie in America whose nervous energy has won her an army of ardent fans.

Mostly awkward, Amy is another of the cool-girl lesbian YouTubers who is somehow both wildly relatable and completely unobtainable. See also: Ally Hills.

It helps that she’s hilarious.

Watch for: General gasness.

Hannah Snow

A recent addition to the LGBT YouTube cannon, Hannah Snow caught my attention as the probable ex-gal pal of Dodie Clark.

Which is an undersell of Hannah’s talents.

An actress by trade, Hannah is a Harry Potter aficionado with an unparalleled love of Disney World. Keep her firmly on your radar as good things are coming.

Watch for: English charm. Adorable is an undersell.

Kat Blaque

Activist extraordinaire, Kat Blaque is a trans YouTuber who takes no shit from anyone. With a channel built around thoughtful rhetoric, Kat is an oracle on social issues.

Strafing the line between educational and entertaining, Kat is the thinking-woman’s YouTube choice, with an impressive knack of nailing tough topics.

Watch for: No-bullshit takes on everything from nationalism to BDSM.

Cammie Scott

Originally finding YouTube fame as one half of nowthisisliving alongside Shannon Beveridge (also on this list), Cammie has been on the platform since 2009.

Impressively, Cammie has co-founded the Ripple Effect, a socially-conscious clothing line where proceeds go to fan-selected charities.

Watch for: An adorable dog and a boatload of charm.

Julia Nunes

An original breakout YouTube musician, Julia has been on the platform for 11 years – which makes her a veteran stalwart.

Originally gaining fame for her ukulele covers, Julia has been releasing her original music for years. While her viewership has fallen off in recent times, Julia continues to tour and make brilliant original bops.

Watch for: Tuuuuunes.

Stephanie Frosch / ElloSteph

A v gay Floridian, Stephanie’s videos are expansive, covering everything from daily life to working at BuzzFeed and heartbreak.

Stephanie has taken a bit of a break from YouTube, though she’s recently returned to the platform. Her Instagram is a must-follow for her cats, Nugget and Oscar.

Watch for: Nugget and Oscar. And an interesting array of content and articulate hot-takes.

Shannon Beveridge / nowthisisliving

As you just read, Shannon rose to fame on YouTube alongside her then-girlfriend Cammie Scott on their joint venture, nowthisisliving. Shannon is sole custodian of the channel, where she mostly vlogs about her life.

Expect occasional rambles into short poetry, heartbreak, and gorgeous visuals.

Watch for: An engaging confessional vlog channel.

Alyson Stoner

You likely already know her from her stint on the Disney channel, where she featured in many films and as a talented dancer and choreographer.

Alyson’s rebirth has been widely documented online, with her desire to own her narrative of rebirth being both refreshing and occasionally heart-breaking in their honesty.

Beginning with a very public coming out and peaking with a statement head shave, Alyson has owned every part of her new narrative, rising from a troubled adolescence to become a contented, successful woman in her own right.

Watch for: Zen wisdom from a wildly talented lady who has lived an extraordinary life.

Amanda Holland / Girl Ship TV

Formerly of BuzzFeed, Amanda Holland is a writer and filmmaker who went rogue with her YouTube channel, which is an ode to LGBT culture.

Look out for hilarious reviews, familiar faces from the online world, drunk shenanigans, and up-and-coming scripted work.

Watch for: Hilarity tbh.


KindaTV, a queer-friendly web content production studio, has singularly released some of the buzziest scripted LGBT web content, with output including Carmilla, the little vampire show that could, ClAIREvoyant, and Barbelle.

It’s all super gay with very, very shippable couples and gorgeous, talented casts of Canucks who you’ll fall wildly in love with.

Watch for: Carmilla. WATCH IT.

Kim Nieuwenhuis / OhItsJustKim

An irreverent Brit who doesn’t post nearly as often as she should – or who doesn’t seem remotely interested in actively growing her subscriber count, despite having all the charm required.

Kim posts occasional vlogs and skits. She’s very funny.

Watch for: Oodles of charm and humour.

Savannah Brown

Original a slam poet, Savannah took YouTube by force with her immutable talent. Now a published author of a novel and chapbook of poetry with a second in the works, Savannah is one of the few YouTubers with book deals who is a wildly talented writer.

Her videos are gorgeous odes to words and moving pictures and her vlogs showcase a self-aware and self-effacing sense of cool.

Basically, I want to be her.

Watch for: Unending talent. Like how?

Elle Mills / ElleOfTheMills

A Canadian whose LGBT sexual awakening came via one Dodie Clark, Elle Mills exploded onto the platform with unmatched talent and creativity.

A workhorse and talented editor, Elle’s videos showcase a creativity second only to Casey Neistat. She’s the vlogger other young vloggers will try to emulate.

Working a rogueish charm, Elle’s videos have seen her come out, get ridiculous tattoos, and marry her sister’s ex.

Because why not.

While much of Elle’s persona is built on her charm, the last two years have been difficult, including a public breakdown and an ongoing battle with body image.

Watch for: A creative powerhouse.

Lilly Singh / IISuperwomanII

I’m just going to presume you know who Lilly is. How could you not?

Watch for: Unending hilarity.

Unsolicited Project

Known more colloquially as the Gay Women’s Channel, Sarah and Adriana are long-term collaborators (and possible girlfriends) who create a mix of scripted output, vlogs, and interviews.

Their content is smart and funny, as comedy is a comfortable wheelhouse for the talented duo.

Watch for: Relatable, funny scripted bits.

Ari Fitz

Known for her androgynous style and gender-bending fashion, Ari has gained a cult following on YouTube, where she posts a mix of fashion, art, and stories.

A writer, documentarian, fashion maven, and androgynous bad-ass, there’s very little Ari can’t do. Seriously, in an earlier lifetime, Ari got a full ride to Berkeley to study Physics before switching to Business. She even founded and sold a company.

Watch for: She’s just really fucking cool.

Think we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments!

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