Every year, Google releases its search data to the wider public. This year was no different, with the release of an inspiring video underscored by a Harry Styles tune.

Popular searches included Trump, “how can I help [location]?”, “how do hurricanes form” and “how to watch the eclipse”.

For reasons™, we decided to look up the most search gay terms and make our own LGBT year in review.

The most popular LGBT search terms

Related searches are pooled from:

  • What other people are searching for, including Trending stories Trending. Trending stories are popular topics in your area that change throughout the day. Trending stories aren’t related to your search history. To see Trending stories, go to Google Trends.

Now, the most popular search terms for LGBT queries are all pretty boring. There’s a lot of ‘pride’, ‘bars’, ‘clubs’, porn, etc. etc. – and that’s just not very interesting. The trend data is mildly curious, if only for the continued proliferation of the term “gay” over all others:

gay lgbt search data

LGBT is… search trends

Because the basic search data was as expected, we thought we’d mix things up by adding “is” to the data. The following occurs:

Some choice beauties:

Lesbian is the capital of

We don’t know if this is a quote or a genuine, reoccuring search term but we ❤️ it.

Straight is the way

No, no it is not.

LGBT is genetic

Potentially, but probably not. The reality is that, right now, no one can actively confirm what causes sexual orientation.

Lesbian is she interested

Literally the most pressing question any woman who likes women will ever ponder. While the straights muse what they will have for dinner, we wonder if she’s into us.

She might be. Ask her out. What’s the worst that can happen?

Is bisexual heterosexual

Please get this printed on a t-shirt. It’s fantastically, ironically aloof.

The “best of” search terms

Here’s a quick collage as receipts:

gay search terms google

While that’s all fairly whatever, the true joy comes when you switch from ‘Top’ to ‘Rising’.

Highlights include:

  • beauty and the beast gay
  • lesbian movie 2017
  • queer museum
  • queer prom
  • babadook lgbt
  • Call Me By Your Name LGBT
  • is Tom Cruise lesbian
  • how to talk to your dog about homosexuality
  • trump lgbt
  • am i a lesbian or bisexual test
  • am i gay

Friends, if you’re googling anything that looks like “am I gay/bisexual/lesbian/trans?”, we have news for you. You probably are. And that’s okay too.

The main takeaway?

Is Tom Cruise lesbian? It’s what the people really want to know.

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