Following a short romance, Ellen Page has tied the knot with her partner, choreographer Emma Portner.

Page rose to fame in indie darling, Juno, and has featured in a string of notable films including the X-Men series, Hard Candy, and Whip It! Portner, meanwhile, has choreographed for Justin Bieber and is considered one of the rising stars in her profession.

The pair announced their wedding on Instagram in typically darling fashion.

Portner and Page are no strangers to Instagram, cataloguing a handful of weird dancing videos. Indeed, we won’t believe they are officially married until we see them dance across an altar.

In celebration of their union, we’re counting down our favourite of their weird dance videos – because why not?

1. Their holigays dance

The hats. The holiday cheer. The awkward swoosh along the floor.

All topped off by Page leaping rather awkwardly into Portner’s arms.


2. The “As Long as You Love Me” duet

Page slumped on the floor, playing guitar and singing a slowed-down version of the Backstreet Boys tune. Portner kicking back and let the rhythm move her.

The fact it’s in black and white. It’s pretentious and somehow so genuine all at once.

It must be seen to be believed.

3. The “As Long as You Love Me” duet – the sequel

Couldn’t get enough of their Backstreet Boys jam? Fear not, there’s a part two and this is somehow even more contrived.

Page continues to keep it chill while the holy ghost (probably) moves in Portner.

4. The dance that started it all

We can’t actually make fun of this one too much. Awkward as Page is, there’s a captivating element to this musical short – and a real sense of connection between the pair.

The musicality and depth of emotion combine to create something genuinely breathtaking.

Bonus: See Portner in full-on choreography mode

Who is Emma Portner?

For those not in the know, Portner has been dancing since she was three years old. She spent her childhood training in the prestigious National Ballet School of Canada and at 16, she studied at the Ailey School in New York City.

She teaches classes at the Broadway Dance Centre and directs her own dance company. Her most famous client is Justin Bieber, whose Purpose world tour she worked on.

Like Page, she’s Canadian too.

As for how the pair met? Well, Page saw a video of Portner and slid right into her DMs.

There’s hope for us all.


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